Past Project: Tapagem, Brazil Water Treatment

The University of Pittsburgh Chapter of EWB’s current international project is in Tapagem, Pará, Brazil.  Tapagem is located in northern Brazil in the state of Para.  Travel to the community requires a 24-hour boat ride along the Amazon and Trombetas Rivers from the city of Santarém, Brazil.

The project is primarily a water treatment project with a small latrine relocation segment. The community retrieves their water from the river and then uses minimal treatment. There is a high rate of diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms in the community and a high death rate among children. This is were EWB-Pitt comes in! Our objectives for this project is to provide water treatment education to the community to ensure all members are aware of the necessity of drinking clean water and deliver a useful treatment system to each household or at least a few per the community.

EWB-Pitt is currently moving from the assessment phase into the implementation phase of this project.  We just completed our second assessment trip in August of 2015.  The main purposes of this trip were to continue building our relationship with the community;  complete monitoring surveys with the community members; provide the community with educational tools about water, sanitation, and hygiene; test water samples to observe any new contamination factors; and introduce the community to different solutions and gauge their reaction to the proposed technologies. If you are interested in getting involved with travel, technical design, public health, or fundraising, send an email to

Make sure to check back for more project updates!

Pictures of the First Assignment Trip!

Summary Page for Tapagem Water Treatment Project
Tapagem Water Treatment Project Brief Sheet

Tapagem Map
Location Map


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