January Updates


  • Fundraising Team [Lead: Ian Piper]:
    • Fundraising is hosting a bake sale in the Benedum lobby next to the orange desk on Monday, February 13th, a shot pitcher night on Monday, February 17th, and planning a Chipotle fundraiser for late March. We are mainly focusing on a coffeehouse-like night at Wigle Whiskey in the Strip District that will take place on April 12th. There will be music, food, and raffles!
  • Technical Team [Lead: Gillian Schriever]:
    • The Biosand Filter team’s main goal this semester is learning how to build the biosand filter wood mold more efficiently and improve the construction manual. We are currently reconstructing the previously-built wood mold to understand which steps in the manual are critical for the wood pieces to properly fit. We are also beginning to design a tool to make accurate angled wood cuts.
  • Public Health Team [Lead: Samantha Schloder]:
    • The Public Health team this semester will be working towards creating a plan to educate the community in Tapagem about the filtrations devices. It is necessary for us to plan a way to work with the community so that their input matters and decisions are openly discussed rather than imposed.
  • Local Projects Team [Lead: Katrina Weinmann]:
    • The Local Projects team is working on starting a new project in the local Pittsburgh community. We are hoping to work with the Pittsburgh Professional Chapter of EWB on a local project. We are also organizing various volunteering opportunities throughout the semester, such as working with Habitat for Humanity, volunteering at Free Rides helping repair bikes, and more.




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