March Updates

  • Fundraising Team [Lead: Ian Piper]:
    • On March 22nd, fundraising had a bake sale of brigadeiros, a brazilian chocolate delicacy, with the first several purchases coming with a complimentary t-shirt bag. The next task for fundraising is an event at Wigle Whiskey on April 12th in the strip district, where there will be a $5 entry fee that grants the purchaser access to the food and music, along with the ability to enter raffles for prizes. You do not have to be 21 to attend, but if you are, there will be whiskey available for purchase!
  • Technical Team [Lead: Gillian Schriever]:
    • The Technical team has been researching how to remove chlorine and other disinfecting agents from water, thus we can generate our own dirty water to test previously made the bio-sand filters.
  • Public Health Team [Lead: Samantha Schloder]:
    • The public health team is creating goals on educating and engaging the community while visiting Tapagem. We are also continuing to edit the chlorine drip and bio-sand filter manuals to check for the cultural competency of the material.
  • Local Projects Team [Lead: Katrina Weinmann]:
    • The local projects team is starting a project with Pittsburgh Community Gardens designing and constructing trellises for gourds. The goal is to implement our designs and construct the trellises by the end of April. We are also working on starting a project in collaboration with the Pittsburgh Professional Chapter of EWB and the South Hills Men’s Group. This project will continue for the rest of the semester and into next year.

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