2017 Spring End Semester Summary:


  • Fundraising [Ian Piper & Casey McBride]:
    • Over the course of the spring semester, the fundraising team hosted several small fundraisers and a larger event at Wigle Whiskey in the Strip District with live music, food, raffles, and drinks to purchase. In addition to delicious food and great cocktails, this event generated a significant amount of profit, especially thanks to the work of Sam Schloder, Kavi Chintam, and Nick Kelly. Fundraising is looking forward to the fall with plans for a dodgeball tournament, a piada fundraiser, and a coffeeshop event.

  • Technical [Gillian Schriever]:
    • This past spring semester, the Technical Team has worked on testing the chlorine drip system and is planning on testing the biosand filter. Moving into the summer, we will continue testing the chlorine drip system and begin developing a protocol for testing the biosand filter. We are also focusing on transitioning leadership positions to younger members as senior members graduate.
  • Public Health [Samantha Schloder ]:
    • The Public Health team this semester has started reviewing the cultural competency of the filter manuals and planning ways on how to educate the community on the maintenance of such systems. We are additionally working towards creating a system to receive feedback from the community members during the implementation trip.

  • Local Projects [Katrina Weinmann]:
    • During the spring semester, the local projects team held an ideation session to generate ideas for projects that could improve Pitt and the local Pittsburgh community. Moving forward, we hope to pursue some of these ideas as local projects that our team will work on. We are also collaborating with the Pittsburgh Professional Chapter of EWB for a sustainable development project for the South Hills Mens Group.


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