This Monday Sep. 18th, we volunteered at Free Ride, a bicycle collective located near Point Breeze Pittsburgh. We worked together to take apart some old bikes and got a bit dirty along the way. Here are some pictures taken during the event.



Updates On Approved Destruction

Approved destruction was an event that took place on Sept. 11th with a purpose to engage our new members with the executive board by disassembling various things and reassembling them back together. The event was a great success! A hairdryer was disassembled and reassembled to work again without an off switch. A disposable camera was annihilated and sadly could not capture anymore breathtaking scenery, but at least all the pieces made their way back to the case. A timer was put back together with a balloon floating alongside. Check out some of the pictures below to see more of the fun in action.

2017 Spring End Semester Summary:


  • Fundraising [Ian Piper & Casey McBride]:
    • Over the course of the spring semester, the fundraising team hosted several small fundraisers and a larger event at Wigle Whiskey in the Strip District with live music, food, raffles, and drinks to purchase. In addition to delicious food and great cocktails, this event generated a significant amount of profit, especially thanks to the work of Sam Schloder, Kavi Chintam, and Nick Kelly. Fundraising is looking forward to the fall with plans for a dodgeball tournament, a piada fundraiser, and a coffeeshop event.

  • Technical [Gillian Schriever]:
    • This past spring semester, the Technical Team has worked on testing the chlorine drip system and is planning on testing the biosand filter. Moving into the summer, we will continue testing the chlorine drip system and begin developing a protocol for testing the biosand filter. We are also focusing on transitioning leadership positions to younger members as senior members graduate.
  • Public Health [Samantha Schloder ]:
    • The Public Health team this semester has started reviewing the cultural competency of the filter manuals and planning ways on how to educate the community on the maintenance of such systems. We are additionally working towards creating a system to receive feedback from the community members during the implementation trip.

  • Local Projects [Katrina Weinmann]:
    • During the spring semester, the local projects team held an ideation session to generate ideas for projects that could improve Pitt and the local Pittsburgh community. Moving forward, we hope to pursue some of these ideas as local projects that our team will work on. We are also collaborating with the Pittsburgh Professional Chapter of EWB for a sustainable development project for the South Hills Mens Group.

March Updates

  • Fundraising Team [Lead: Ian Piper]:
    • On March 22nd, fundraising had a bake sale of brigadeiros, a brazilian chocolate delicacy, with the first several purchases coming with a complimentary t-shirt bag. The next task for fundraising is an event at Wigle Whiskey on April 12th in the strip district, where there will be a $5 entry fee that grants the purchaser access to the food and music, along with the ability to enter raffles for prizes. You do not have to be 21 to attend, but if you are, there will be whiskey available for purchase!
  • Technical Team [Lead: Gillian Schriever]:
    • The Technical team has been researching how to remove chlorine and other disinfecting agents from water, thus we can generate our own dirty water to test previously made the bio-sand filters.
  • Public Health Team [Lead: Samantha Schloder]:
    • The public health team is creating goals on educating and engaging the community while visiting Tapagem. We are also continuing to edit the chlorine drip and bio-sand filter manuals to check for the cultural competency of the material.
  • Local Projects Team [Lead: Katrina Weinmann]:
    • The local projects team is starting a project with Pittsburgh Community Gardens designing and constructing trellises for gourds. The goal is to implement our designs and construct the trellises by the end of April. We are also working on starting a project in collaboration with the Pittsburgh Professional Chapter of EWB and the South Hills Men’s Group. This project will continue for the rest of the semester and into next year.

January Updates


  • Fundraising Team [Lead: Ian Piper]:
    • Fundraising is hosting a bake sale in the Benedum lobby next to the orange desk on Monday, February 13th, a shot pitcher night on Monday, February 17th, and planning a Chipotle fundraiser for late March. We are mainly focusing on a coffeehouse-like night at Wigle Whiskey in the Strip District that will take place on April 12th. There will be music, food, and raffles!
  • Technical Team [Lead: Gillian Schriever]:
    • The Biosand Filter team’s main goal this semester is learning how to build the biosand filter wood mold more efficiently and improve the construction manual. We are currently reconstructing the previously-built wood mold to understand which steps in the manual are critical for the wood pieces to properly fit. We are also beginning to design a tool to make accurate angled wood cuts.
  • Public Health Team [Lead: Samantha Schloder]:
    • The Public Health team this semester will be working towards creating a plan to educate the community in Tapagem about the filtrations devices. It is necessary for us to plan a way to work with the community so that their input matters and decisions are openly discussed rather than imposed.
  • Local Projects Team [Lead: Katrina Weinmann]:
    • The Local Projects team is working on starting a new project in the local Pittsburgh community. We are hoping to work with the Pittsburgh Professional Chapter of EWB on a local project. We are also organizing various volunteering opportunities throughout the semester, such as working with Habitat for Humanity, volunteering at Free Rides helping repair bikes, and more.



November Updates: Approaching the End of the Fall Term

As the fall term comes to a close, the frequency of EWB events will be declining, with not much going on over the next month or so.  We’ll pick up again in 2016 with a new semester, as well as a new executive board, elected at this week’s general body meeting!  See the About- Executive Board page for the updated list of board members.

Attached is the November newsletter.  See below.

November Newsletter

October Updates

We’ve had a couple things going on this past month, so here are a few highlights.

First off, congratulations to the winners of the campus pumpkin carving, the Batista kids, Viggo and Zali!  Nice pumpkins, guys!


The pumpkin carving took place the weekend before Thanksgiving on the Frick Fine Arts Center lawn.  We had a nice turnout of some students and a few families.  The proceeds went toward EWB’s projects and the the winners are receiving a gift card.

Second, here’s a link to our October newsletter: October Newsletter

It’s a little late, but there is a lot more info about the past month, so be sure to take a look.  Otherwise, we’ll be updating you again in a few weeks with the November info.