Engineers Without Borders Conference, 2018

This past weekend, 10 of our members attended the National Engineers Without Borders Conference in San Francisco, California! We were able to send members from both the Swanson School of Engineering, as well as members from the School of Public Health. At the conference, our representatives presented three different posters showing the work we have done in the past year and all we have learned. We are looking forward to applying all of our newly-gained knowledge from this conference to our international projects in Nicaragua and Bolivia, as well as our local project in Ohio!

Engineering an Impact

Over the weekend, members of EWB participated in Pitt’s first ever Engineering Day of Service: Engineering an Impact! Members of EWB were involved in both planning and participating in this event, and we hope it is a tradition that will be continued in years to come!


2018-2019 School Year

After welcoming all our new members at our first GBM, we are very excited for the potential of Engineers Without Borders this school year. With our international project team planning to take an evaluation trip to Nicaragua in the winter, and our local project team starting a few new projects with different Pittsburgh organizations, there is a lot to be done. By the end of the year, we hope to make a major impact on our campus and partner communities, as well as grow as students by using what we learn in our classes to engineer a better world.



Wigle Whiskey 2018

On February 12, we held our annual fundraiser at Wigle Whiskey.  It was a night of delicious food, drinks, live music, and fun raffles. Thank you to our two music performances, everyone who cooked, and the bartenders and hosts at Wigle for ensuring that everything ran smoothly. And last but not least, a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support us at this event- we couldn’t complete our projects without you!