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Second Annual International Service Pre-Trip Conference

This past weekend, several members of EWB Pitt attended the 2nd Annual International Service Conference. The conference was a collaboration between EWB Pitt, Global Brigades, and International Sign Language to help prepare college students who plan on doing international service in the near future. It was an exciting day full of discussion on volunteerism and sustainability, including a presentation given by Maria Leonard of COFE, Coffee Arabic Foundation for Education, Honduras.


Deepa Issar, Nikita Patel, Samantha Schloder, and Tim Wroge

2018 Executive Board

After elections last week, we are happy to announce our new Executive Board for 2018 is:

President: Katrina Haidari
Vice President: Samantha Schloder
Secretary: Nikita Patel
Local Projects Lead: Evan Mahron
International Lead: Katie Kennebeck
Public Health Lead: Makenzie White
Business Manager: Anna Lloyd
Fundraising Events Lead: Ian Piper
Grant Writing Lead: Tim Wroge
Public Relations Manager: Angela Rees

We have many projects in the works, and we are very excited about all we are going to accomplish throughout the next year. You’re not gonna wanna miss it, so be sure to attend the first GBM of the spring semester (which will be announced soon) to get involved!

Pitt Make A Difference Day

Yesterday a group of us participated in Pitt Make a Difference Day(PMADD). PMADD is the region’s largest day of service, engaging over 4,000 Pitt students, alumni, staff and faculty. We picked up nearly 7 bags of trash around Westview Borough. Thanks everyone who came and worked hard to make our community better!


Updates On Approved Destruction

Approved destruction was an event that took place on Sept. 11th with a purpose to engage our new members with the executive board by disassembling various things and reassembling them back together. The event was a great success! A hairdryer was disassembled and reassembled to work again without an off switch. A disposable camera was annihilated and sadly could not capture anymore breathtaking scenery, but at least all the pieces made their way back to the case. A timer was put back together with a balloon floating alongside. Check out some of the pictures below to see more of the fun in action.